Museums Beyond Walls: NOVEMBER 2017 LOS ANGELES

I'm just thrilled to be helping out this coming week with the 19th edition of Communicating the Museums. Check out the details below!

’Museums Beyond Walls’: Communicating the Museum Los Angeles issues a powerful clarion call to the museum sector. The conference takes place at a time when many are bent on building walls and policing borders. What can museums do about it? What should we do? Many museums define themselves by the uniqueness of their buildings: from historic palaces to purpose-built architectural statements.
At the same time, museums are channeling more time and funds into diverse actions beyond the limits of these buildings. What then is the social mission of today’s museum? This November, Communicating the Museum takes the pulse of the world.
Across a five-day program of events, debates, workshops, talks and tours, you will discover the best museum outreach initiatives, the most challenging collaborations, and the most insightful successes (and failures) in the fields of education, communications, and audience engagement.
Professionals from museums large and small, historic and contemporary, will gather from across the world with experts in the worlds of technology, business, media and academia. Together, we will explore some of the most pressing questions facing culture today: why do some people never come to museums? How can we reach new communities? What is our social and political purpose? And what are the limits?